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vase magnets - classic vase shape

Image of vase magnets - classic vase shape


these little vase magnets were created for those beautiful little pieces of nature foraged or found, collected or gifted... a leaf, a feather, a twig, a flower.

made of earthenware clay and with a clear gloss glaze, they have a small strong magnet attached.

there are three shapes available and two patterns at this point

these are reflected as
flower and leaves
floral stripe

please note each stamp is put on uniquely so it will be similar but not exactly like shown in the image

sizes at tallest and widest points:

flower and leaves large - 4.5 x 6cm
floral stripe large - 4.5 x 6cm

flower and leaves small - 3.5 x 6cm
floral stripe small - 3.5 x 6cm

each vase comes with a little card and in a cotton pouch