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string of mini festoon lights

Image of string of mini festoon lights


these super sweet hand painted one by one festoon light ornaments come in strings of 5 or 7.

standard 7 string contains all the colours shown above: pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, violet, red (please note the violet in the above photo, second from right, hasn’t photographed as well as we’d hoped, but it is a lovely light purple colour)

standard 5 string contains pink, blue, yellow, green, red

handpicked 5 or 7 where you can email us and let us know the colours you’d like

please select from the drop down menu below

each light is approx 3.5cm long and sets come with a long piece of silver string for hanging

please note: There is also a a large version of festoon lights coming soon they are 7.5cm long each and all the same colours