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Utsuwa - Japanese objects for everyday use


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iIt gives me much joy to announce that together with my sister Tiffany Johnson we have created a book called 'Utsuwa - Japanese objects for everyday use' that will be released early April through Thames & Hudson. Utsuwa is a love letter to the makers and sellers, and to all those who share the Japanese reverence for tradition and beauty.
each copy will be signed by the authors.


'A piece must be practical enough to be used every day. It must be crafted at its place of origin, using traditional techniques and materials. And it must be handmade.'

Japanese craft has long been revered for its quality and beauty, and skilled craftwork remains an important part of Japanese life. 'Utsuwa', meaning 'for everyday use', embodies the ethos of handmaking in Japan, where handcrafted wares must be as practical as they are beautiful.