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poetry vessel - i understood your eyes

Image of poetry vessel - i understood your eyes


please note if you do order from now on your order will be despatched by the end of FEBRUARY 2018
we are leaving the ordering system open as many of our customers don't want to forget for next year, or only discover this work at christmas... please note our studio is closed through january and there is now not enough time to process your order and have it sent before christmas this year (2017)
this small dish is approx 14cm across and each letter is hand stamped letter by letter...

the poem is by kylie johnson © and reads :

and through these days of floating conversation
though i could never look into them long enough to admit their colour...
i understood your eyes...

please note this order will take between 3-4 weeks to make and send as we make to order (it could be sooner if we have in stock)

as it will be made to order and with this means it will look slightly different but will match as close as possible.

when ordering unless otherwise requested the text will be coloured with a dark indigo blue

other colour available is an inky brown

the piece is made by a high fired earthenware and has a clear gloss glaze.

the vessel is good safe but we suggest hand washing and not soaking the vessel for any length of time in water.

please email for international shipping rates