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kitchen tags

Image of kitchen tags


this is a listing for one circular kitchen tag, but there are many words to pick from…. So order as many as you would like

we are going to offer many colours in these so they can match individual kitchens

because of this there may be a 2 -3 week turn around so we can personalise the colour.

This timing allows us to make an order and not have stock that is not needed sitting unused.
We will have the greenware made up, so the process is in the colouring and firing…

the kitchen circle tags are made from a creamy white earthenware clay and have a clear gloss glaze with your choice of word and colour.

the circles measure approx 4.8cm in diameter (1.9")
the tags can be ordered in the following colours


each kitchen tag comes with a long cream ribbon for tying around your kitchen canisters

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