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we have made some special ceramic gift vouchers!

gift vouchers will be sent (or can be picked up instore)

they are available in amounts below...

if you would like a voucher for $160
purchase a $60 and a $100 voucher and confirm it is one voucher...

if you need the voucher with quick turn around we will 'write' on the empty one in the middle and send within a day or two

if you'd like it 'pressed' in with names it can take up to a fortnight.

vouchers over $80 receive one of the ceramic ones complementary plus postage

orders under $80 and if you'd like a tag, they are $6 each. plus postage

if you order UNDER $80 and would like a tag please add one by adding it to your order in the drop down menu below

after purchase we will email and/or write on the back of the tag your special 'discount code' for the amount of the purchased gift voucher, this will be used for the gift recipient when they go on to purchase from the store or in our bricks and mortar store in ashgrove

the voucher number will go in the discount code section of the online store

we will follow everything up with email correspondence so we make sure it all works well, and please know we can 'send' the voucher to someone on your behalf as vouchers online are charged for postage
otherwise it will be sent to your address...