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cloud wall hangings...


These beautiful wall hangings are lovely on their own, but also lovely in a cluster...

made from a white earthenware clay and gloss glazed in a milk white glaze they are patterned with vintage buttons and each cloud and pattern is unique

there are currently 4 shapes to pick from and 4 patterns, although we try and keep the patterns in stock, we will make to order if they aren't and there will just a week or two turn around from ordering to posting PLEASE NOTE THIS WHEN ORDERING...

each one comes with a hook on the back for wall hanging and a care note will be included in every order.

please pick cloud shape with number from photo one
and pattern from photo two

SIZES approx

cloud 1 - 11.5cm (4.5") x 7.5cm (2.95")

cloud 2 - 11.5cm (4.5") x 7cm (2.7")

cloud 3 - 9.5cm (3.7") x 7cm (2.7")

cloud 4 - 18.5cm (7.2") x 10.5cm (4.1")

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