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shield wall plaques

Image of shield wall plaques


these beautiful big wall shields are made with hand stamping each letter ... letter by letter.

the text is is black
and they measure approx 14.5cm x 18.5cm
there is a hanger glued to the back for easy hanging

they are made with the following quotes
(please note we can make custom orders of these, but these need to be quoted as both as a one off and depending on the amount of words will determine the cost)

please note the listed ones are also made to order so unless we have in stock, they have a turn around of 3-4 weeks

courage, dear heart - c.s. lewis

well behaved women rarely make history

be truthful, gentle and fearless -gandhi

we were together, i forget the rest - whitman

fall seven times, stand up eight - japanese proverb

where i create, there i am true - rilke