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EASTER ornaments

Image of EASTER ornaments


Here we have 3 different easter items listed here, please use the drop down menu for prices and selection...

large coloured eggs
small egg with pattern

large coloured egg: measures approx 9cm x 4.5cm (at its widest)

small egg: measures approx 6 cm x 4.5 cm (at its widest) 2.5" x 1.8"

Each egg ornament is handmade in Brisbane, Australia. It is made of a cream/white earthenware clay and has a gloss glaze on the front, with with a vintage button or pattern impression. Each egg has a ribbon for hanging.

the egg or cross you see here may not be the same patter that you receive, colour and size of course, but we make so many with varied pattern we send our a mix of patterns, all are beautiful though...

Each piece is handmade and any imperfections are part of the beauty that is the handmade. Each piece goes through over nine processes until finished.